About Us

Since 2001, Info-X has been a premier provider of logistic management software and back-office support services for the global transportation companies in the ocean, air and ground sectors.  Info-X mission, all along, has been to focus on this niche domain to continuously enhance its ability to help these companies in resolving the business challenges they have been facing due to the changing business dynamics.

Info-X specializes in outsourced back office services and is a quality driven, professional, and experienced outsourcing partner. It has been, for the last 15 years, the trusted global partner for several logistics companies in both the US and Europe. Leveraged by Its extensive industry knowledge of logistics and understanding of the complexities involved, it has helped these companies improve their efficiencies, get 99.9% accuracies, and experience cost-reductions of up to 40%. 

Info-X business philosophy, all along, has been the customer satisfaction. Info-X is proud of its customer retention, which is evidenced by the fact that most of the present Info-X customers have been trusting  Info-X with continued outsourcing partnership for 5-10 years.

Info-X has a pool of trained personnel wherein each agent is specially trained in the respective areas of data entry for rate matrix, shipping documents, custom filing, fmc rate filing, cargo tracking and tracing, freight rate management system, accounting work outsourcing and logistic bpo services. The R&D team continuously re-engineers and refines the back office processes by working closely with clients. All the Info-X services are backed by a robust infrastructure with an advanced communications system and high redundancies for business continuity. 


Technical Support

Info-X is providing dedicated online support to the clients, associates and customers to ensure that the transaction remain streamlined and the issues and concerns are addressed promptly.

High Tech Infrastructure

High Tech InfrastructureInfo-X has been providing the shipping logistics software solutions and back office services to the Ocean Transport Intermediaries in USA and Europe for the last several years.

Skilled Manpower

Info-X has a large executive pool of well qualified and trained personnel, specially trained in the areas of application software development, data processing, data entry ,cargo tracking ,tariff management, accounting and business coordination, especially relating to the shipping logistics software domain. The core team of specially trained developers is available for customization desired by the customer from time to time.


The data security is ensured by elaborate security policies and appropriate checks in the organization including the binding of entire personnel to non disclosure by execution of bonds.NDA s are signed for ensuring confidentiality.

High Quality Standards

The superb satisfaction levels of the existing clients of info-X lies in its commitment to provide the highest quality solutions and services which is ensured by international standards of methodology and expert quality control personnel.

Low Turnaround Time

Recognizing the need for speedy documentation and transactions, Info-X ensures a low turnaround time with same-day delivery as per clients needs.Recognizing the need for speedy documentation and transactions, Info-X ensures a low turnaround time with same-day delivery as per clients needs.

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