Accounting Services

Accounting Work Outsourcing & Invoice Processing Services

We ensure that there is a smooth and speedy flow of effective control of funds and accounts receivable outsourcing with entry of invoices, vendor bills, accounting work sourcing in India and outsource invoice processing. Accounting work outsourcing in India has become a trend and many people are opting for it as it is a convenient feature. Accounting work outsourcing in India has become a reliable service option and many organizations are following the trend.

With India becoming a major outsourcing hub, accounting work outsourcing is fast becoming popular and gaining momentum. Accounting work outsourcing is being opted for by many organizations these days. Outsourcing invoice processing is also in trend as business firms want to eliminate the risk that incorrect invoices pose to the future of the company.

  • What We have to Offer:
    1. As an accounting work outsourcing, we provide with various types of accounting, namely, Peachtree Accounting, Cash and Accrual Accounting, Net suite Accounting, among various others.
    2. As we also undertake the work of outsourcing invoice processing, we take care of the invoices by looking after the entry of invoices, and customizing the invoice print formats.
    3. We also take care of your write-up works, handling ledgers, accounts payable, and accounts receivable.
  • Why Choose Us?
    1. We have a professional and skilled staff who are trained to handle accounting and also the large piles of invoices, not at all compromising on the quality.
    2. We enhance the performance of your business by having discussions with your employees.
    3. We ensure reliability and confidentiality to our customers which are of paramount importance in this sector.

Hiring our outsourcing accounting and invoice services will help your business to run smoothly and efficiently. We deliver what we promise. So give us a chance to deliver you the BEST.

Accounts Receivable

  • Invoice Entry
    1. Entry of invoices from the Logistics system
    2. Option of Manual Entry for open item customers
    3. Drop down features for customers
    4. Customization of Invoice Print Formats
    5. Entry of Credit Notes
  • Payment Receipts Entry
    1. Entry Screens for payment receipts
    2. Option of Deposits to multiple bank accounts
    3. Option for discounted payments
    4. Option for displaying list of outstanding invoices and applying payment receipts to selected invoices
  • Division wise Accounting
    1. Assigning of Receivable for each Division in separate accounts
    2. Reports can provide Sub Totals of Receivables division wise
  • Multiple Bank Accounts
  • Reports (Customizable)
  • Vendor Bill Entry
  • Bill Payment Entry
  • Check Writing and Printing
  • A/R and A/P Clearing
  • Banking Module
  • Company, Admin and Security Module
  • Financial Statements, General Ledger and Reports
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