Arrival Notice Entry

Arrival Notice Entry

Info-X is handing all the Arrival Notice sent by a NVOCC or forwarder to the consignee (and to the notify party, if any) to inform about the arrival of the shipment and number of packages, description of goods, their weight, and collection charges (if any).

We are handing:

  • Creation of arrival notice for a particular HB/L entered by agent

  • Automatic selection of Shipper, Consignee, Notify, Marks & numbers and other details from Hbl,Which was already entered.
  • Option to manipulate “Bill to Party” and notify party from Arrival Notice form
  • Option to add Broker and Cargo Pickup Location from Arrival Notice form
  • Various option to apply rule of cargo release in Arrival Notice form.
  • Option to add some additional remarks for particular shipment on Arrival Notice
  • Option to change Vessel /Voyage details at import side in case of change of vessel from mother vessel.
  • Print / View / Mail of Arrival Notice with PDF emailing feature