FMC/ Tariff Publishing

FMC Tariff & rate Filing

Info-X provides NVOCCs, Freight Forwarder and OTI's with the most convenient and cost effective platform for FMC Tariff Filing and FMC Rate filing outsourcing. We provide easy FMC rate filing and FMC tariff filing outsourcing for our clients at a great cost in compliance with the regulations of the U.S. Federal Maritime Commission.

In compliance with the U.S Federal Maritime Commission, we at Info-X assist NVOCCs, Freight Forwarders and OTIs with an efficient platform to manage the FMC tariff filing as well as the FMC rate filing processes. They are very crucial to continue with the cargo operations and companies with their operational limitations might find it difficult to smartly handle some of these essential functions and procedures.

You can outsource the process of FMC Tariff filing and FMC Rate filing management to our expert team as we are equipped with technology driven platforms to handle multiple functions pertaining to FMC compliance. We have been diligently managing numerous tariffs for many of our clients operating in various locations across the globe.

It is no longer a matter of mere compliance as the whole process is now viewed part of the strategic management of companies operating in the spectrum of ocean carriers. Info-X brings in the difference to the way companies are managing these essential processes with our know-how coupled with smart technology applications.

Since FMC compliance has more to do with multiple locations across the world, the solutions pertaining to the management of these core processes are to be handled by people with global exposure and proven expertise in keeping track of rates and filing along the tariffs. You can expect that kind of expertise when you decide to engage with us to handle any kind of requirement in these areas, expect us to play the role of a proactive consultant you can count on from time to time.

Info-X is a dependable organization because we have the systems and processes updated with provisions of direct integration with logistics to track filing status reports. Additionally, we are capable of manage a global login system that can monitor your filed rates and make it much simple as well.

We are providing solution for:

  • Rate filing with FMC
  • Direct integration with logistics to see filing status report
  • Global login to monitor your filed rates
  • Option to file NRA

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