Rate Management

Rate Management

Key features of our rate matrix module:

  • Info-X  back office will manage  all your contract rates
  • Dedicated resources will be managing all  your contracts, providing quick turnaround time for  all updations
  • Rate will be displayed with the breakdown of ocean freight and surcharges, providing users as    “All in” price
  • All future surcharges will be displayed with the breakdown of “subject to” or “included”
  • Overseas surcharges can be displayed to the user in foreign currency
  • All rates validity and expiry will be displayed
  • Commodity break down will be provided
  • Review history of all past rates
  • EDI integration with client operating system for creating rate quotes
  • Option to call Intermodal rates via web services
  • Smart intelligent reporting module will be provided
  • Online integration for “customer sell module”
  • Review performance of customer logins based of number of searches performed
  • Dedicated software development support for users

Rate Quote

Key features of Rate Quote Module

  • Instant quote to customer from the rate matrix search page
  • Separate Rate quote  panel to save all Rate quotes for future reference
  • Automatic transfer of information in Rate quote from Rate search grid.
  • Option to copy rate quote
  • Option to PrintPdf/Email rate quote
  • Option to quote in multiple currency

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