Rate Management

Freight Rate Management System Software

The rate management software designed and developed by Info-X is part of a smart and effective rate management system recommended for the contemporary demands of logistics and freight services industry. All this is inclusive of freight rate management software having its applicability even in the process of ocean contract management.

Freight rate management software is a helpful tool that helps your business. We provide you with complete transportation pricing along with all surcharges .We use rate management software which helps you store all the quotes in one place and provide a reporting tool for follow up on each quote.We help you categorize carriers, time and total cost that will be incurred on the cargo. The freight rate management software has a user defined system which makes ocean contract management of data and rate defining easier for the clients.

Managing the contract rates is a very sensitive process as the constant updating would need smart approach to ensure everything is intact as per recommended format as well as the matching up with the compliance requirements. With our back office managing all your contract rate, you can focus on your core business management systems. Options like EDA integration to create rate quotes based on the latest updates are great advantage with the rate management software.

Data management and history tracking is another advantage which can facilitate a complete activity review on the system including customer logins, no of entries and searches. Smart intelligence reporting module is more of a unique feature your business can implement, it can save a lot of time and resources spent on data analysis and related data management processes.

We at Info-X offer additional features such as generating instant customer quotations, automated information transfer and options to copy rate quotes. Overall, it is a software solution with all the desired features for rate management.

Key features of our rate matrix module:

  • Info-X  back office will manage  all your contract rates
  • Dedicated resources will be managing all your ocean contracts, providing quick turnaround time for  all updations
  • Rate will be displayed with the breakdown of ocean freight and surcharges, providing users as    “All in” price
  • All future surcharges will be displayed with the breakdown of “subject to” or “included”
  • Overseas surcharges can be displayed to the user in foreign currency
  • All rates validity and expiry will be displayed
  • Commodity break down will be provided
  • Review history of all past rates
  • EDI integration with client operating system for creating rate quotes
  • Option to call Intermodal rates via web services
  • Smart intelligent reporting module will be provided
  • Online integration for “customer sell module”
  • Review performance of customer logins based of number of searches performed
  • Dedicated software development support for users

Rate Quote

Key features of Rate Quote Module

  • Instant quote to customer from the rate matrix search page
  • Separate Rate quote  panel to save all Rate quotes for future reference
  • Automatic transfer of information in Rate quote from Rate search grid.
  • Option to copy rate quote
  • Option to PrintPdf/Email rate quote
  • Option to quote in multiple currency